By SCENES PLUS | Jun 10, 2024

Tracy, when hiking, ran into Brad, a guy also hiking to get away from it all. The two became close and Tracy fell in love. Brad promised to call but never did. Tracy later found out he was killed on his way home.

His death affected her so badly that she sought help for her depression from the Stamford House Recovery Clinic.

Today, Tracy is helping to setup an event at the clinic that celebrates the success stories from the clinic.

Will Tracy ever find love again?

This is Romantic Dramatic Comedy.

Larry Wattson as Director Jerome Stamford

Taylor Brummet as Tracy Morrow

Jonah Duhe as Brad

Steve Urbano as Jack Wilson

WeiJen Liao as Janet Wang

Paul T. Williams as Glenn Davis

Claire Langton as Rachel

Monica Vejar as Barbara

Andy Norris as Larry

Writer\Director – Michael Scordakis

Director – Frederique Van Niekerk

Composer – Sonia Mokhtari

Cinematography – Denise Ocampo

MUA - Zoeht Rodriguez

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