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The Premier of our newest Sci-Fi film, This is Not a Test happened at CLOUT. Featuring nearly the entire cast, there were plenty of stars on hand. Willow Man and Triggered fame, actor Steve Urbano was live signing autographs, as well and MUA extraordinaire Bunny Stewart and our representative from Casting Calls America Courtney Conklin to help new talent.

Scenes Plus Director Michael Scordakis was on set of Dirty Dirty Games, the latest James Paul Nelson film, aiding in the production. Scenes Plus also lent services as well as AudioVisual Films in the form of advanced motion tracking (Joshua Williams) and Scenes Plus for Post audio, music, color grading and editing. Services were in response to a key production stakeholder experiencing a near fatal experience and possibly jeopardizing the completion of the film.  


The Rhebus Development team has been hard at work rolling out our new look and feel for the Roku channel for all our subscribers. The enhanced SDK gives us better flexibility as well as updated meta tag and searchability (search by actor) as well as an enhanced feature set for us to roll out in 2024.

From Scenes Plus to CLOUT to Scenes Plus Prime Time we're continually building and exploring opportunities for actors.

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Filmmakers! Do you have a film that you would like to see on TV? Send us a screener and you could win a distribution contract for a Roku and Amazon Fire TV release! In partnership with Rhebus Media Broadcasting we are on the hunt for great films and content. Do not send time challenge films, one page skits, Make a Film in a Day or group assignments. Send your screener link to us at

Merch!  We heard you. The Merch and Swag store is coming this spring. Wear your favorite Scenes Plus stars. movie moments or studio wear. Lots of great t-shirt designs in partnership with our friends at Print N Stitch!



The CLOUT Summer Film Festival is currently taking submissions through Film Freeway!



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RECOVERY starring Taylor Brummett, Steve Urbano, Paul T. Williams Jr, WeiJen Liao, Larry Wattson, Claire Langton,  Jonah Duhe,  Andy Norris and Monica Vejar.  This film is now in post production and anticipating a summer release! 

Get to know the stars and get updated news about the film at  Facebook 

Here you will find the list of films in planning, production, or events that you can self-cast for. Check the “Pricing Package” section for details and pricing.


  • Recovery is now in post-production. Release date set for May 2024
  • Charlie 2 - Charlie and the Time Jumping Pirate - starring Brian Ruthruff, WeiJen Liao and Steve Urbano is in post-production
  • Blood Angels (pre-production) starring Taylor Brumette, Sparklestache and Missy_Tee
  • La Muerta Roja (horror film) pre-production. Tentatively set for July
  • Cosplay Behind the Mask (Pre production. episodic) starring Sparklestache and Missy_Tee
  • JIZZAAAAM!!! (Pre-production costuming)) starring Steve Urbano and Breeona Cox
  • Signature Reel shoots (on-going. SF and Sacramento)


Our featured Movie of the Month - This is Not a Test





Monica Vejar Where are you from? I am a native of Sacramento. What you like about acting. I enjoy the complete journey: reading the script; understanding and developing the character; the required focus the process takes; using the voice, mind and body; and creating scenes and stories with other talent. The last film you were in: Recently worked on two local shorts that were quite fun. One is titled, The Worst by Ethan Eskilson, and the other Christmas with the Nelson's by John Benneche. IMDb link :







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