We take the guess work out of getting great footage for your reel or getting cast in one of our films.


What we are 

SCENES PLUS is a production company centered around providing actors roles and footage for their reels and career. We do that by producing films with your specific role and need as part of the film. These are not one-off, two page scripts\scenes. These are films fully credited on IMDb.

What we're not

We are not a "Let's make a Film in a Day" type event. While most shoots can be accomplished in a day, you will know up front of any pick-up days, ADR work or additional shoots. We are conscious of your time and through planning and project management we're able to work very efficiently often completing your work in a day.


How it works.


Step1 - The Announcement

We announce a film event. We provide info on the shoot date(s), genre, overall story, location, etc. both here and on our Facebook page.

Step2 - VIP Self-Cast    

You VIP Self-Cast for a role by RSVP'ing through the Eventbrite link. This will ensure you a role in the film. As roles are being cast, a group chat\room is setup where all cast and crew information including scripts are shared. We do Zoom read-throughs, discuss wardrobe, character development etc.

Step3 - On Set

Fees are collected when you arrive on set during check-in via Venmo or in advance via Eventbrite.

You'll get checked in, sign releases, meet the crew, the cast, get directions, have a walkthrough of the set, scene and get camera ready. 

We'll rehearse, block scenes and work with you on bringing out your best performance!

Once done, we'll keep you up to date on the post-production work!

Step4 - The Film Release


  • You'll be fully credited on IMDb for your work\role in the film.
  • The film will be released on Roku and Amazon Fire TV through the Scenes Plus Prime Time channels. 
  • An Unlisted Cast and Crew Reference version will be uploaded to YouTube.
  •  Cast will receive a digital copy of the film for their personal library. 
  • Your scene(s) will be extracted for you for your reel and delivered through Dropbox.
  •  Social media updates will happen through Instagram, the film's Facebook page, The Newsletter, the web site and the Scenes Plus Facebook page. 
  • Cast are encouraged to take BTS shots of the production while on set. We just ask you tag scenes plus so we can re-post.


Can anyone Self Cast?


It's not unusual to have seasoned professionals and new faces on the same set.





$75 cast

$150 Supporting

$200 Primary

$300 Lead


What if I just need a 2 person scene and not a whole movie experience?

We do those too! The rate for our Signature Scenes is $500. It's popular to split the cost with your scene partner. For that, you get a fully produced scene for both of your reels. Very popular, book early, available year round.

You already have clips and just need a reel created?        We're your place!

Contact us at below. 

We'll get your clips in order! We'll setup a Dropbox folder for you to upload your clips. Then sit back as we take care of all the editing magic!  Price is $250